Before the Flood, it’s happening right now.

Before The Flood is the product of an incredible three-year journey that took place with my co-creator and director Fisher Stevens. We went to every corner of the globe to document the devastating impacts of climate change and questioned humanity’s ability to reverse what may be the most catastrophic problem mankind has ever faced. There was a lot to take on. All that we witnessed on this journey shows us that our world’s climate is incredibly interconnected and that it is at urgent breaking point.



The good news is that climate change can be solved today with readily available technologies and sustainability measures. It will take significant investments on the part of governments and businesses, but that investment will be a small fraction of the price we would have to pay for increasing natural disasters and other climate impacts. New research has shown that using currently available technologies, we can meet all of our energy needs for heating, electricity, and transportation through 100% clean renewable sources by mid-century. We can get on track by 2020, when the Paris Agreements enters into force by reducing pollution through a price on carbon and protecting our forest and ocean ecosystems. Learn more about the array of solutions to solve climate change.


They wanted to create a film that gave people a sense of urgency, that made them understand what particular things are going to solve this problem. They bring up the issue of a carbon tax, for example, which I haven’t seen in a lot of documentaries. Basically, sway a capitalist economy to try to invest in renewables, to bring less money and subsidies out of oil companies. These are the things that are really going to make a massive difference. We need to use our vote, we cannot afford to have political leaders out there that do not believe in modern science or the scientific method or empirical truths. They say we cannot afford to waste time having people in power that choose to believe in the 2 percent of the scientific community that is basically bought off by lobbyists and oil companies. 

When most people think about climate change, they think about polar bears clinging to melting glaciers. It’s true dramatic warming will continue to occur in the North Polar, but as the planet continue to overheat we will see a variety of impacts – from flooded cities and more frequent storms, to scorching heat and raging wildfires. These changes will have secondary impacts, including economic volatility and even human conflict. Learn about the 10 major ways climate change will impact us, and see if your town will eventually be flooded.Our planet is heating up fast, and scientists have proven that the rapid changes we are seeing are not due to solar activity, volcanoes, or other natural phenomena. They are due to pollution. Approximately 2/3 of the pollution that is driving climate change is from the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas – with another quarter of the pollution coming from deforestation and agriculture. Learn about the “four deadly gases” and the industries that are producing them.

This is happening right now, start to make a difference for our Mother Earth!


Student at University of Derby

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